Sunday, August 23, 2009


[This is a repost of a message I also sent to greasemonkey-dev]

It's been a long time since I've been working on Greasemonkey actively. During the time I was away Johan Sundström and Anthony Lieuallen picked up the slack and did the last few releases without my help.

So I've decided to officially hand over the reins to them. What this means practically is that they will be the ones accepting patches, doing releases, and tending the bugs. I also hope that this change will reinvigorate the project, as it has been moving slowly for some time.

I'll still be lurking of course, but Johan and Anthony will be responsible for day-to-day administration now. I know they'll do a great job.


Lollige said...

Ah, good :)

I really hope greasemonkey will soon work for Minefield (firefox 3.6...), as I really love greasemonkey but I have to use minefield for some 3.6 feature I use a lot :(

Shlomi Fish said...

Thanks for all your work on Greasemonkey, and best wishes with all your future endeavours!

Anonymous said...

Hi. Is there some way for you to develop an auto updater, which checks from time to time for new version of all scripts installed and updates them automatically?

Johan Sundström said...

We're happy to have you on the chromium side of the user extendable web while we keep poking at the mozilla side of it, Aaron.

Lollige, if you want to have a stab at it yourself or know some Mozilla hackers that share your pain, we're making an effort to lower thresholds to hacking. Go fork a hack tree at github and prod at it, and it will happen sooner rather than later.

Anonymous: you might want to try Greasefire.

Anonymous said...

"the chromium side"

WOW. Only a tool like Sundstrom could call it that.

Anonymous said...

You mean, "Audi", as in Audi 5000. The car had gas and break pedals v close together, so people would often take off when they meant to stop, thus becoming associated with 'taking off'. Late 80s early 90s rap spawn