Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Greasemonkey 1.13 Release

The entire list of bugs handled in this release is also available via the 1.13 milestone on GitHub. Note that as always it takes some time for Mozilla to review the new version.  If you're interested in staying on the bleeding edge, try installing the development channel beta release.

If you are using it and notice problems, it's best to log an issue or let us know at greasemonkey-dev (and be clear that it's with this version).


  • All scripts installed from will use HTTPS by default, so that automatic updates will work. (#1800)
  • All stored script values (GM_setValue) move from the (soon to be limited) Firefox global preferences store into a per-script database, so that this limit will not break scripts. (#1798)
  • Log a more understandable error if GM_getResourceText is called with a nonexistent resource name. (#1796)
  • User script installation will continue if the @icon is unavailable. (#1793)
  • Firefox Sync support, to keep installed User Scripts the same on all your browsers. (#1573)
Fixed bugs:
  • We will not (incorrectly) say "Greasemonkey is disabled" when using the Show Script Source button. (#1828)
  • Fix saving the new script template value. (#1808)
  • Keep the Add-ons Manager display up to date as scripts change. (#1804)