Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Greasemonkey Lives At GitHub

Months ago, the people running DevjaVu let us know that they were shutting the service down. It's unfortunate, but they cannot be faulted. They're still running now, but there's no saying how long that will remain for. As of today, the ability to change tickets (both creating and commenting, for all but pre-existing project members) has been revoked.

Greasemonkey now lives at GitHub, both for source code hosting, and issue tracking. We expect that the distributed nature of git should allow freer forking and branching, and easier collaboration with anyone; rather than the limited set of people who were granted SVN commit access, in earlier days.

If you notice any existing links outside of DevjaVu pointing into it, please let us know at the greasemonkey-dev mailing list. If you see someone suggesting the DevjaVu site, please correct them and let everyone involved know that GitHub is now the official code and issue host for Greasemonkey.

Thanks, and if you want to contribute, send those pull requests!


Marko F. said...

Hi! I guess this is not the place to post questions, but I can't find any other.

I wanted to ask you, will Greasemonkey support Flock 2.5 in the near future?


Unknown said...

Greasemonkey is the greatest since sliced bread- I cannot and will not do without it- and its user scripts-
at present it is not working 100% with Firefox- can we expect an update?
No Greasemonkey no Firefox 3.5.2 , LOL
Thanks guys.

Anonymous said...

sorry for asking it here - but there seems to be no possibility at GitHub.
Is there a chance that the latest GM version is available soon at the Firefox Add-In Site? Asking because there have been certain problems reported with version 0.8.20090123.1 in combination with FF V3.52 at Flickr.
Joerg Aka Ablichter (Flickr)

Roger Pack said...

nice move.
Now if there were just a truly distributed equivalent of github issues...

Mark Guadalupe said...

Greasemonkey makes my life handy in the kitchen!

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