Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Greasemonkey 0.9.22 Release

The entire list of bugs handled in this release is also available via the 0.9.21 milestone on GitHub. Note that as always it takes some time for Mozilla to review the new version, but it's available on the all versions page immediately.

If you are using it and notice problems, it's best to log an issue or let us know at greasemonkey-dev (and be clear that it's with this version).

This release contains just one important fix:

Bug fixes:
  • Fix memory leak related to GM_registerMenuCommander. (#1578)
I bungled a bit of the release, as early commenters below note.  I also hit a bug in the Mozilla Add-ons site in the process, so this release is now called 0.9.22, and officially there is no version 0.9.21.  Sorry!