Friday, September 27, 2013

Firefox Sync coming to Greasemonkey

Greasemonkey version 1.13 is in the works, with Sync support for installed user scripts.  Support is currently very basic, but we'd love to hear feedback!

It's suggested that before you try Sync, you take a backup of your scripts directory.  Then open the Greasemonkey options dialog and enable the experimental feature, which is currently disabled by default:

For now you'll need to install version 1.13beta1 to have access to this feature.  Please provide feedback at the greasemonkey-dev mailing list or the GitHub issue, good or bad.

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djnforce9 said...

While that is nice, I find backup extensions like FEBE do a better job since it syncs EVERYTHING in your profile including installed extensions and greasemonkey scripts. I just upload my backup onto DropBox (although any cloud service will work) and I am all set in case I need to restore in the future.