Thursday, September 06, 2012

Greasemonkey 1.1 Release

The entire list of bugs handled in this release is also available via the 1.1 milestone on GitHub. Note that as always it takes some time for Mozilla to review the new version, but it's available on the all versions page immediately.

If you are using it and notice problems, it's best to log an issue or let us know at greasemonkey-dev (and be clear that it's with this version).


Bug fixes:
  • Fix a Firefox crash caused by a bad greasemonkey-script: URL (i.e. passing the empty string, or a nonexistent resource name to GM_getResourceUrl().) (#1623)
  • Re-fixed the setTimeout + alert issue; it popped up again in the grant none case. (Note: Firefox 16 fixes this for real. This just applies the same old workaround.) (#1620)
  • Fixed the character encoding of the es-CL translation. (#1616)
  • Fixed the display of the "Enabled" check mark in the monkey menu. (#1611)
  • Fixed the "Show Script Source" button for some scripts.  (#1609)
  • Killed the final remaining zombie compartment (i.e. memory leak). (#1608)


richard said...

thanks for the update, nice to see things going on!

I was wondering if/when will we see an convenient way to look for scripts, likes Stylish does:

I would love to see such an entry in the GM Menu (Find Scripts for this page).

I know about Greasefire, but this extension is a hog: it triggers a (local) search on each(!) page visist - whether I'm looking for a script or not.

I would like to trigger a search by my own - and only when i really need one...

arantius said...

In the case of Stylish, the same group owns both the extension and the site. For user scripts, the extension (Greasemonkey, Scriptish, Tampermonkey, native Chrome, etc...) all reference the same server ( In theory we could build a partnership, work closely together to figure out estimated traffic loads, keep talking as patterns change ... But it's complicated.

You can pretty easily go to google and type [ site name]. Which makes this a rather low priority for a busy (and small) set of volunteers to implement. You might try getting Greasefire improved, either yourself or by suggesting improvements, there. It would be a much smaller change for them.

richard said...

Why do you want to build a partnership? AFAIK there is only this site (, so adding a menu entry wouldn't increase traffic (since the user would look there anyway), but it would rather greatly improve user convenience.

> You might try getting Greasefire improved, ...
Did you even take a look at Greasefire? I has its own DB, userinterface and so on, where they probably put a lot of effort in. My solution/request, doesn't need all of that, it would be whole new add-on.

> You can pretty easily go to google and type [ site name]
Well, thanks for the hint. But of course I added already direct to my search engines ( But that is still a lot of hassle: you need to mark the current base url, copy it, insert it in searchfield -> search.

Ryuu said...

Newest version is error with User Script Command. After I execute one command. I cant choose it again - same page/another page/another command it don't show any command again. Must restart firefox to use any other command.

Ryuu said...

Test to make sure, I switch to 1.0 and it works well

Konrad Pagacz said...

I'm experiencing the same problem as Ryuu, is there a workaround known?

arantius said...

If you absolutely need a workaround, drop to version 1.0 for now.

I fixed this last night; with a few more tweaks version 1.2 should be released with the fix quite soon.