Friday, July 08, 2011

Greasemonkey Usage by Firefox Version, July 2011

I wrote a very similar post three months ago, but there's been a lot of real motion along Mozilla's fast release track since then. It's worth revisiting these numbers:Click for a larger image, or browse the data in Google Docs, with a larger view and a line chart as well.

This stacked area chart makes a few of trends obvious: Firefox 4 became very popular over its short life, and Firefox 5 is quickly replacing it. But also: Firefox 3.6 is definitely still kicking, at the second most common browser over the past week. Here's some data; the average daily usage for each version over the past week:
  • 5.0 1,589,647
  • 3.6 798,062
  • 4.0 461,349
  • 3.0 150,314
  • 3.5 117,740
  • 2.0 13,144
  • 6.0 2,596
  • 7.0 1,990
  • 1.5 392
Or: Version 3.x (1,066,116) is still one third of total usage (3,135,233). And even if 4.0 is dropping quickly, right now it's still almost a quarter of the total post-3 users.


Anonymous said...

How about making greasemonkey Firefox 8 64bit compatible??

Tony Payne said...

I installed Firefox 6 several days ago, and Greasemonkey isn't compatible yet unfortunately.

Any idea when updates will be available.

Anonymous said...

You should make this graph live.

uang internet said...

I haven't yet used grease monkey on my firefox, this would be a great idea

arantius said...

Anon: This is just a cleaned-up version of the live stats Mozilla provides: