Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Greasemonkey 0.9.2 Release

This release primarily fixes some of the problems discovered since 0.9.0.

Bug Fixes:
  • Failure on OSX when Growl is installed, but not running. (#1264)
  • Incorrect display of Greasemonkey icon in Add-ons window (Firefox 3.6, OS X). (#1284, #1291)
  • Provide a sort bar, to control display order of the scripts in the Add-ons manager, for Firefox 4. (#1293)
  • Remove "accelerator" keys from GM_registerMenuCommand(). (#1312, previously)
  • Work around incompatibility with Personas Plus extension. (#1253)
  • Provide a toolbar button, and remove the status bar icon for Firefox 4. (#1227)
  • When re-installing a script (e.g. for an update), keep it in the same execution order. (#1267)
  • Keep the add-ons manager view up to date when changing (installing/enabling/disabling/etc) user scripts. (#1305)
It should be available soon, pending normal delays for review.


Ryan said...

Where is the download link? All the ones I see take me to version 0.91.

arantius said...

All extensions on AMO have an "all versions" link near the bottom, which will link to as yet unapproved versions.

Anonymous said...

After some research, it seems possible to move the button around or get rid of it.

Just right-click on a tollbar and pick 'customize'. Then you can move the icon to the add-on bar or into the unused icons group.

Dex Luther said...

For those still using FF3 like I am, and want to remove the chimp from the toolbar follow these steps:

1: Right click on an empty space on the toolbar (works best above the address bar)

2: Click Customize

3:Drag the chimp into the window that appears.

4: Click Done

5: ???

6: Profit.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot Dex Luther, that did the trick.