Monday, January 24, 2011

Greasemonkey 0.9.1 Release

This is primarily a quick release to deal with bugs found in 0.9.0.

Bug fixes:
  • Fix user script sandbox wrapping. This deals with lots of problems like eval(). (#1258, also #1254, #1260, #1263, #1265)
    If your script(s) stopped working with 0.9.0, this should fix them.
  • Fixed rare bug when installing scripts. (#1250)
  • Fixed errors when Growl is not installed on Mac OS X. (#1249)
  • Fixed problems with relative @require imperatives. (#1262)
New features/improvements:
  • Allow sorting by descending (as well as ascending) execution order. (#1217)
Known issues:
  • Incompatible with All-in-One Sidebar. (#1252)
  • Incompatible with Personas extension. (#1253)


Anonymous said...

Sorry, I might just be missing something obvious, but where exactly do I manage which sites should be altered by which script in Firefox 4? The old ff3 version had a pretty neat list view where you could add domains with asterisks and such for every script - has that feature gone the way of the dodo or is it something that just hasn't been implemented yet?
Thanks for the awesome extension, keep up the good work!

Markus Prokott said...


This version has deleted all my URL include/exclude filters that have been added via the script manager window, and replaced it with the filter of the "@include" field in the script.

Seems it only did that with scripts I edited after installation of the new version.

Since the new version's script manager doesn't work in the All-In-One-Sidebar, I opened the scripts directly in my editor. Maybe this triggered the bug. I read on the release notes for 0.9.0 (I upgraded directly from a 0.8.??? to 0.9.1) that it supports "Live in-place editing for the entire script, including [...] @include [...]."

I guess, you added a mechanism to migrate the old URL filters from the GM internals into the scripts, as soon as a script was opened VIA THE SCRIPT MANAGER. As I didn't (couldn't) use this way (and maybe also wouldn't have, if I had been able to) to open the scripts, the metadata didn't get updated. I also guess the new GM version now only relies on the data it finds in the scripts, thus it found the non-updated data in the scripts and used it. Additionally, it "downdated" the old internal data based on what was found in the scripts, since also after a downgrade of GM, the old URLs showed up in the script manager for unedited scripts, but where "downdated" for the edited ones.

I had "only" two scripts edited before I switched back to an older version of GM that works with (i.e. independently from) the AIO-Sidebar. And it was then, when I recognized the bug.

At the old version I almost got insane since I couldn't find out why my scripts all out of a sudden didn't worked on some pages after a minor edit, and even after I accurately and completely undid the edit (with the "undo" button of the editor). After downgrading to the old version I had the manager window with its URL lists back and found that ugly bug. Since I had a lot of include/exclude URL masks for one of the scripts this was really a major annoyance.

Anonymous said...

New UI is really a step in the WRONG direction.

I am disappointed, to say the least.

Anonymous said...

Does this work with seamonkey ?
I know GM version 0.8.20100408.6 works well. Porting would be nice, but would simply replacing install.rdf be enough ?