Thursday, April 08, 2010

Greasemonkey 0.8.6 Release

The sixth release in the 0.8 series of Greasemonkey, this release includes:

  • Add a hidden preference to allow greasing the unmht: scheme. (#1038)
  • Allow relative URLs to be used for GM_xmlhttpRequest(), just like standard XMLHttpRequest. (#1057)
  • Performance enhancements and code improvements to internal logic behind @include and @exclude rules. (#1070 #1074 #1089)
  • Added translations: ca-ES, cs, fr, nl, sr-RS, vi.
Bug fixes:
  • GM_xmlhttpRequest() can fail when Object.prototype has been modified. (#1065)
  • Two warnings upon making new script via "New User Script". (#1069)
  • Installing scripts from the hard drive (instead of via the web) can fail. (#1077)
  • Fix a flaw that could allow websites to prevent Greasemonkey from running. (#1082)
  • Error "this.menuCommanders is undefined" bug when closing a browser window. (#1087)
  • Error "ScriptDownloader is not defined" when performing view source on a user script. (#1091)


Robby said...

I'm not sure if it's an issue with Firefox or only Greasemonkey, but the error console constantly tells me that "doc.getElementsByName is not a function." But it is, of course.

Chris said...

Since I installed it, doesn't work anymore.

Unknown said...

autologin script doesn't work with this version (for ebay login for example)

I go back to 8.5...

Anonymous said...

When I right click the statusbar icon, I get a lot of vital information of which scripts are currently running.

This information is not present in greasemonkey's Tools menu.

I have Statusbar removed, and I only want to use the Tools menu. Please allow us to have the same features in the Tools menu as the Statusbar has.

Unknown said...

Still not fixed edit option for users with non ASCII character in username

No Mist said...

getelemntbyid function has stopped working with this version. so all autologin scripts cannot identify the login buttons.

i am switching back to previous version.

Zé Cláudio said...

This version is running before Firefox fills the login fields (name & password). That's why autologin scripts are not working.

Unknown said...

Can someone PLEASE tell me how to download this? Every time it finishes, It says error
"Firefox could not install the file at

because: Unexpected installation error
Review the Error Console log for more details.
I've installed EVERY version of Firefox from 1.5-3.6, and it doesn't work on anything.

Anonymous said...

If you middle click on "Add to Firfox" button you'll receive a message "Add-on not found" that's why you cannot install it from addons site. There is an issue with addons hosted version :(

Anonymous said...

It's probably has some erros. Maybe some erors occured when setting pointer inscript file, or readint data...
In any case I've laughted, when saw message "En error occured blah blah blah... " and link to string, that has no any text.

Lisa said...

I also can't seem to download/install the add-on, and receive this error:
Firefox could not install the file at

because: Invalid file hash (possible download corruption)

I've just installed the latest version of Firefox 3.5.9 on my PC (Windows Vista Business)

Lisa said...

Actually it screwed up when I updated my Firefox to 3.6.3 - I had to do a clean re-install of Firefox. I might just leave it a while before trying to download greasemonkey again...

Patucos said...

dont work link....????

David said...

Is there a line that could be added to the beginning of AutoLogin to delay the script from running until Firefox fills in the login fields?

Unknown said...

Solution for autologin script find here :

Remember autologin script : ""
in the review of the script...

in the file "...Data\profile\gm_scripts\autologin\autologin.user.js" (your profile for firefox)

change the 28 line
if (thisElement.value != thisElement.defaultValue) {
//if (thisElement.value != thisElement.defaultValue) {
AND 31 line

this works :)