Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Greasemonkey 0.6.7: minor UI tweaks + new localizations

Greasemonkey is now available for download.

There were only minor changes since 0.6.6:
  • Fixed the manage dialog so that it doesn't bounce around when you select different user scripts (thanks Anthony Lieuallen)
  • Added Basque translation (thanks 3ARRANO)
  • Updated German translation (thanks Matthias Bauer)
  • Middle-click on monkey icon now opens manage dialog, right-click on scripts in monkey menu opens them in an editor (thanks LouCypher and pile0nades)
There are also some changes going on with regard to Greasemonkey development. The code has moved to DevjaVu's hosted Subversion system, and the bug list and related resources will be moving there soon.

Also, we are going to start doing regular releases of Greasemonkey every month, so long as there is new stuff checked in. The build will be created on the first Thursday of each month and sent to the greasemonkey-dev mailing list for trial. Once verified, it will be posted to


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this wonderful extension. I love writing userJS and run it with Gmk.

But sometimes I'm really irritated by dialog which wants me to wait 3 seconds before script can be installed. Can you imagine how much time I waste when I'm developing new script? :)

Please, add in preferences option to turn this confirmation / countdown off.

jdunck said...

Please, add in preferences option to turn this confirmation / countdown off.

We can't do that, but don't need to install the script multiple times to develop on it.

Install it once. Then close the file in your editor.

Then go to Tools > Manage User Scripts, select the script you're developing, and click Edit. That will shell out an editor (prompting you for an editor if it's your first time), and you can then just edit and save the file, and hit reload in your browser to see the effect.

If you mess up in selecting your editor, go to about:config and reset the greasemonkey.editor setting.

Anonymous said...

Hi, can someone please tell id is actually possible for a site to detect Greasemonkey running on user browser? Thank you...

boots said...

"Hi, can someone please tell id is actually possible for a site to detect Greasemonkey running on user browser? Thank you..."

No, not very reliably.

Anonymous said...

Coming from an avid GM scripter:

Why release monthly updates?
With Ff 2.0 updating extensions is a breeze, but it's still an annoyance.

It'd be better if you release periodic updates on mozdev, and only when there are important new features - release to AMO.

Unknown said...

Is there an editor that is recommended for greasemonkey userscripts? I tried using Nvu but when it loads the script, it says not a valid html page in a popup on Nvu and doesnt load anything.

Unknown said...

One more question, how can Firebug be used to edit userscripts? It seems like a pretty useful tool, but I dont know enough about using it to make permanent edits to a page.

boots said...

Jillian: Releasing monthly is intended to increase incentive for people to contribute to Greasemonkey. If releases are irregular, potential contributors don't know when their patch will ship.

If other people agree that the updates are too frequent, we can always do it less often.

Anonymous said...

Woo, a new Greasemonkey release! Speaking of which, has anyone tried this tool? It looks similar to Greasemonkey (lets you customize web sites), but with a really cool GUI! I wonder how it compares?

Anonymous said...


I'm running release on two systems - on my old system it works fine but on my new system I just built I cannot install scripts.

When I click the install button, nothing happens. Other people have been reporting the same problem over on the Firefox add-on page for Greasemonkey.

Am running Firefox and Win XP Home on both and am really bummed it's not working on my new rig.

Any suggestions on how to fix?

Anonymous said...

Seems there are issues with the new firefox and greasemonkey.

Firefox, new version of grease monkey.

New firefox updated today.

Anonymous said...

Updated FF to version and still have same problem I noted above with no response from install button when attempting to apply a new script.

I realize the people who developed Greasemonkey aren't making money off of it but there has to be a fix for this bug.

Greasemonkey has been my favorite add-on ever since I switched to FF and it really sucks not being able to use it anymore.

Ultimate Anonymity Watch said...

Feature request: ability to move the greasemonkey icon away from the status bar to some other toolbar such as thee navigation.

You see; I've completely disabled my status bar to save space(using the fission extension)

Anonymous said...

I’d just like to second 100777’s request. I, too, use the Fission extension, and desperately want to get rid of the status bar. Frankly, I think it should be deprecated. It should definitely not be where extensions drop their icons, willy-nilly. Most other extensions allow toolbar buttons instead, which can be moved around and placed as the user wills. Greasemonkey is the only extension that is holding me back. So, please, create a normal toolbar button.


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